iPad 2 Launch at the Toronto Eaton Center

Time in line: 8+ hours.  (Bet you can’t find me in these videos!)

Being one of the first to get their hands on an iPad 2 in Toronto: Priceless.

Mind you I didn’t come anywhere close to the 2 days some peeps spent in waiting.

As of date of this post I haven’t let go of my new iPad much.  Am I an Apple product fanatic?  Nope.  But despite this tech toy not being able to wash my dishes, I can find all my recipes again.  And my writing.  And my reviews.  Then there’s all the games, iTunes, messenger, Skype calls, ebook reading, note taking…  I even found an app that will send a message to your iPhone with a tune.  Great for distance-zapping the kids off its battery when waiting for a phone call.

I gave it a painful non-stop workout from 5am this morning to 2pm this afternoon.  Watched some movies, downloaded tons of my pictures, Tweeted, Facebooked, the whole cheese, and then I finally plugged it in with 20% left in the battery which is impressive compared to my MacBook that would have died in 2 1/2 hours max.  It heated up barely enough to feel unless taking specific notice to it.

It’s fast.  It’s pretty.  ( I got mine in white and the 16 gig/no 3G.)  And if it played WoW it might actually make my MacBook and Mac Mini obsolete.  Mind you, the old school Final Fantasy apps on such a gorgeous screen is fun enough to make me feel 12 years old again.  The apps that I had on my iPhone already and the programs from my Mac synced without issues on top of it all.

Time saved to play more Final Fantasy: 2 hours at least.

I feel somewhat-bad for any tablet that wants to take this one on in the near future, for this just might be the Jesus Tablet after all.

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