Dragon Aster: Book I

Book release day is here and I’m excited!  You can now find Dragon Aster: Book I on Amazon for the Kindle and on iBooks.  If you are a reviewer I would be more than happy to send a free copy your way in the format of your choice.  If you are waiting on the printed copy, I have started looking into that and currently have a battleplan.

It seems like an eternity ago since the first bits of Dragon Aster came to my dreams where it would spend years being scribbled, picked on, boxed, erased, recycled, (don’t ask on that one) soaked, (don’t ask on that one either) lost, torn, and countless painful and neglectful things you can do to a manuscript.  But Time has proven that what doesn’t kill it, makes it stronger.

So I felt like dedicating this post to a few collected memories of the history of Dragon Aster.  Don’t laugh at how far they go back.  Well, don’t laugh too hard.  Better yet, just don’t hunt down my age.  Many years were lost with this manuscript in a box, and they don’t count in my opinion.  😛

Remembered facts:

The first title was “Dragon Wings.”  It had a nice ring to it, until I later found “Aster” which serves as three theme meanings in this book.  One is the name of the realm, the other refers to a scene in Chapter 34 (I’m not spoiling anything) and the last is simply ‘star.’

Sybl was first conjured and written down on paper when I was 11 years old.  Her first name was similar to my real name.  She had a lot of superpowers at the time, that now that I look back at it, weren’t all improbably and unbelievable.  She also got the full wrath of my mother who could never understand why I loved to scribble down fantasy stories when my friends and other kids were outside causing chaos.  I didn’t exactly grow up in a safe neighborhood, and I still don’t understand her reasoning here.  Just let the kid stay safe and sound in her room for crying out!  It’s hard being the only writer/walking dictionary in the family.  If that’s not enough, Sybl also had a tail before she later transformed into a Fay.  I have pictures.  You can start laughing again.  <.<‘

Cirrus was my second character who appeared shortly after.  He was a dragon shifter from day one.  His first and second names were awkward, but the third one sticks now.  He was silver before, but only changed to white after that.  Unshifted he looked as he is now.

Nafury is a long spoiler of a story who came after those two.

Kas came after those three.  His original name was ‘Ciar.’  He was more or less always what he is now, though he also got the advantage of joining the first manuscripts when they were in a somewhat-stable form.  He’s also my kid’s most favorite character.  Cirrus is mine, so you can see a TEAM KAS! being screamed rather loudly in the background here…

Hain came after him, though his name did change from its original, and now a kid who pops up in the second book has it.  He was even more of a jerk back then, and had most of his cool talents since day one.

Lintrance and Loki also entered the story when it was more stable and didn’t change much.

I wrote/completely overhauled the Trilogy arguably 5-6 times.  The second part and third were eazymode, it’s getting the first part to sing to the right bell that’s tricky.  My first plan was to release the book as a giant 150k+ novel, but since it now falls in a YA audience, I learned shortly after that many teenagers don’t have that kind of patience.  Some do, the ones I’ve tested for the majority don’t.  Now that I have the first book out, I am a ton more confident in its sequel and finale as well.  My only regret is having to axe the original adult version that had a lot of the good stuff.  Maybe one day I’ll restore it and make it an adult-only version.

I am a fresher-indie adorer, but despite that I never queried agents or publishers for my manuscript.  I read/learned from all the books on how to, but never sent out a letter or my manuscript by mail.  Fear was a biggy here I guess, that and I always valued complete control over my book.  I like being able to make/finalize the cover. I like keeping things exactly as they were dreamed/worked.  I like having full responsibility over what I write.  I’m not a control freak in real life, but if you compare writing a manuscript to raising a small baby, I just might be.  I sometimes stumble on traditionally published books that feel murdered to please.  It’s very rare to find an indie book that you can’t ‘feel’ the characters in or simply fall into the effect the author wishes to convey.  Being a character-driven person in my book choices, this is a biggie for me.

If I could do anything differently, I would go back and swat myself over the head every time I wanted to delete a scene or something that I would end up wanting to use later on.  My grammar was anything but perfect as a kid, but ideas come to the young so much easier as they aren’t bogged down by this thing normal people call the ‘real world.’  Well, I’m headed back into it for a while.  But I’m bringing my mailbox of books with me!

I leave to eat mass amounts of cake only to sugar crash in such a way that never saw morning, with a special thank you to the readers on Authonomy.com:

Scott Rhine (author Foundation for the Lost) a Fantasy Cookie pick!

Laila Bevan (author of Stolen Childhood)

Walden Carrington (author of Titanic: Rose Dawson’s Story) who also left me one of my most favorite reviews!

Jennifer Beth (author of Toxic Blood)

Sam Dogra (author of Zodiac Hunters)

Dan D. Andreescu (author of To Kill a Dead Man)

And the readers on Wattpad.com:

Thea Atkinson (author of Formed of Clay) look for my review of this book here very soon!

Silent Dreamer who has more great poetry than I can all fit in here.

Adrian Geiger who also has some great work that I can’t all fit in here, either.  Look for a review of The Quest of Dragons: Book One: Euphoric Dreams soon on Fantasy Cookie!

Katie Hodgson whose No Fear I’m currently stalking.

And at the end of this list that I will likely beat myself up over having forgot someone:

Timothy Nies (author of When Tommy Adams Burned the World)

Domenico Italo Composto-Hart (author of Dark Legacy: Book I – Trinity) 

Ron Leighton (author of A Cheerful Smoke for the Dead)

Jay Taylor

All my buddies online and in RL, if you don’t know I love you already, you need to put down the video games and pay attention more when I  /ello u.

My niece who has an awesome photography talent that needs to be seen by the world.

My two sons, who never simultaneously agreed on anything unless it’s cool.  Very handy at times.


Next project: writing an acknowledgement page to fit so many people in.


3 thoughts on “Dragon Aster: Book I

  1. Congratulations on finishing your novel and getting it out there! I see some parallels between your experience and mine: mostly the years between when the story began to take shape and when it finally came to fruition. That and the unwillingness to hand it over to strangers so they can change it to whatever they think will sell.How are you feeling about the whole novel releasing experience? I go from feeling pretty positive one moment to wishing I'd never bothered the next.And about those go-gos: my kids discovered those things from their cousins in Ontario. I'd never heard of them before we went out there, and now it's all they want to spend their money on. It's like some evil Ontario plot. :PGood luck with your writing. I hope everything goes well for you.Ben


  2. lol it could be an evil Ontario plot. Those go-go things hurt to step on!I think my happy feelings of publishing will last. It's nice to have it out of the box and finally available for others to read, instead of being depressed over for not getting it out there. Just gotta keep going forward. ^ ^


  3. I always think it's interesting when a story starts from a dream then evolves over time, the characters becoming more unique as you yourself grow older. I have reincarnated my characters multiple times, each emergence from the pupal case leading to a more brilliant and colorful character.Best wishes to both you and your characters.


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