After the Party

Well, no party.  I’m not a partying type of person, sadly.  If anything I’m the most boring person to bring to any party.  But on turning 30 I did get another grey hair.  Another mark of wisdom I like to call these.  My kids think I’m crazy though, as despite having a usually pretty big get together for their birthdays, I lamed my own out to death.
But I did get a lot done before hitting the old mark, and I’m proud of myself.  I can raid the cake department in the grocer whenever I feel the need to increase my sugar intake and despite the offer from one of my best buds to send me a hunk in the mail, I simply reminded him that there are advantages to being single.  In the very least it has effected the road I chose to take with my writing; free and limitless.  Well with limits, but you get the idea.
Loneliness is something you can overcome.  It’s not easy, but not impossible, either.  Keeping busy helps, but I was raised like an only child so I can usually manage it.  Kiddies help too, even when they drive you nuts.  On a brighter note, I’ve probably written 10xs more by being single than I have either living with my mom (going back to my teenage years here) or with someone else.  Guys are fun accessory until they starve you out into the streets or build up an obsessive disorder that stops you from living altogether.  And no, I’m not saying all guys are like this, just my roll of the dice with em so far has been pretty lousy.
God help me if I ever start writing romances…  @@’  I wonder if there’s a romance-horror section of the sorts.  I clearly need to expand my reading genres.
And no, I haven’t given up entirely.  There is someone on this planet for everyone, and the last time I questioned God’s timing, he responded by putting a gorgeous, charming single guy before my door, ready to take on my broken washing machine.  All this when I had just woken up mid-afternoon…
Note of side effect by being a writer with too much freedom: Making a living in your most comfortable, light blue teddy bear PJs can sometimes be a bad thing.
Second note to self: Get another bra strap magically stuck in the motor to try the summon again.

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