New Year’s Resolutions

My instincts tell me that this year is going to be crazy-busy, and on top of that, I’m not much of a list-maker. @@’  But I’m going to try, anyways.
1. Read more. Okay, that’s a given.
2. Write more. Okay, that’s a given too. But this one is with lots of progression, as I have officially overcome my inborn zombie-virus to be able to wake up early in the morning and write, as opposed to see how far I can throw the alarm clock across the room, instead. This is a big one for me, as I’ve been a zombie in the morning since I was like 11. I’ll let you stalk down the rest of the math to that or w/e…
3. Finish a bunch of short stories that I cut from my Dragon Aster Trilogy, most of them are events leading up to where the first chapter starts off. Years ago I never saw that the Dragon Aster world would become, in many ways, too big, and there was a lot I cut to try and fit in other things, while at the same time overwhelming a good number of my audience with a zillion characters, anyways. Even more challenging was my choice to cut the massive 170k book it originally was into three. Writing 1 beginning, middle and end is one thing. Writing 3 for three books will drive you nuts; I’m proof.
It’s tough being a writer and your own judge, jury and executioner of your story. For everything else, there’s my mini-editor, who is currently chewing through my scraps of short stories and deeming them either ready for release, or for rewriting. So far, one has passed with flying colors and I should be posting up on the Dragon Aster site soon. And yes, it includes Cirrus, so you can stop guessing now. Book 2 and 3 will be finished and published before the year is over too. Still debating on what I will have on the 3rd cover.
4. Post my goal of books to read on Goodreads! *Done.*  ^ ^

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
S.J. has read 0 books toward her goal of 120 books.
5. Be more environmentally friendly. Lots more stuff for me to read on natural alternatives that get housework done and more, without indirectly killing nature with chemicals and such. It’s cheaper too when you skip the ready-made stuff and go after the source. My hair and skin loves me now for it. It was actually my youngest who started me on this path, as his skin hates just about everything loaded with chemicals. So far my faves include coconut oil, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. And a bigger, but not too big, tub for my dog.

6. Buy a drawing tablet for once and all. My mouse is going to kill me before my Muse with how beat up it is from painting stuff on my computer. It even makes this eerie, dog whistle-worthy ringing noise that had me checking my headphones, ears and brain trying to find it for weeks. I think it’s an encrypted message meant more for a computer—either way, I’m certain it sounds angry.

7. Play more video games. I say this because Final Fantasy XIII-2 is going to be released soon and I’m betting I officially suck for avoiding the XBox as much as I do. My 11 y/o already turned me into a crying shame with its predecessor.

8. Stay on a diet for more than one day. Until I pass this one, I will continue to thank God every day for the metabolism that hasn’t given up on me just yet.
9. Figure out why every pastry I try to bake turns out miserable. I can bake just about anything with a list of instructions beautifully, but pastry like for pies and such, just hates me. I’m going to figure this one out before the year is over.
10. And last, but not least, everything else I missed on this list that I will likely kick myself for later.

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