The Sony Centre and Music from Final Fantasy

As March 31 got closer, I didn’t think I would be able to go, and I was not a happy panda. Live orchestra tickets are not cheap, but when you compare them to today’s movie theatre prices, they aren’t so impossible, either. But alas, I did go and I was not disappointed. I even got the distinct pleasure to have my seat right next to a Tidus cosplayer and Lightning. Their costumes were awesome!

I’ve been a long time fan of the Final Fantasy games, going way back to FFIV on the Super Nintendo (yes, I’m oldschool like that. I was also only 11 y/o at the time). I was delighted when the show included music from not only FFIV, but VIII and X which are also my favorites. And of course VII, but everyone loves that one.

There is a beautiful difference to hearing your favorite music that you’ve heard dozens of times over countless hours from your gaming console to hearing it live and truly feeling it. It brought me back to the days when I used to listen to the same record over and over again from my mother’s record player, and it is still top-notch on the sound meter. CDs, tapes and MP3s don’t come anywhere close to the real sound from a record player, second only to hearing it live. And of course, it brings back all the feelings of being a kid again, which is wonderfully refreshing for the Muse.

I did have a complaint, though. Actually, I had two. One was the food. Not impressed. A hot dog stand works downtown for those in a rush, but not in an upscale theatre and certainly not for me as I usually go to the movie theatre for the food, while my kids go for the flick. Second complaint would have to be the souvenirs. T-shirts and CDs are great, but where are the toys? Maybe the games? Heck, I would have been content with a keychain. My kids raged on me when I came home without a plush moggy or something they could boast about, and these are serious 2nd generation fans here, as they are playing all my Final Fantasy games now.

Can’t win them all, I guess. But I will definitely have to look into securing seats early next time they’re in town and keep live orchestra at the top of my Muse-recharge list.

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