Grammatically correct Sunday

There is a time during my novel writing and publishing process that my family fears me the most: when I’m in editing mode. Suddenly everything and anything becomes correctable by the English language, and if it can’t be corrected, then I get rather grouchy. Mind you, while working my day job I am always turning the editing mode of my brain on and off. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s totally do-able with enough practice. However, things get complicated when editing my novels as no matter what I do, I can’t turn my editing mode off.

Enter the evil walking dictionary.

Sadly, I’ve been one since I was little. English was my mother’s second language, so there was always something that had to be spelt or said right. As long as she didn’t try to teach me her German, I didn’t protest.

My kids have somewhat adapted to me when I’m in editing mode, but they still get the response that questions my sanity–an awkward silence. I can hear them and physically answer, but my brain is so strewn on my book that I put their request on hold while I finish what my head is working on, which can be anywhere from a minute to a few. They have found more effective ways than poking me to snap me out of it; usually something like taking my wallet out of my purse and going for a walk with it out of the house. Nothing like money disappearing to bring my brain back to the current happenings.

I’m starting to think that it has something to do with getting older, and then there is the belief that women’s brains turn into marshmallows after having kids. Sweet thoughts and actions to raise your kids with positivity, easily meltable neurons and hard time unsticking from one need to another. The solution? I have no idea. All I know is that I need moar coffee.





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