Dragon Frost

smallnewdragonfrostfrontcoverNafury has spent all his years fleeing from Fate. Banishment from his home for the last ten has proven to be the least of his worries. After almost destroying the world of Aster, he should be dead. But a promising hope given to him from his sister continues to pull him forward. Armed with only his sword and haphazard miracles, his enemies have never been more scared of him.

When Nafury stumbles on an unlikely ally inches from death, he finds a lead to the answers he needs. Only a more dangerous enemy has found him in turn. With the world’s wounds still open, he must work fast to stop the coming devastation. If he fails, the dream and nightmare Threads that make Aster will become nothing more than a memory.

Sequel to the Dragon Aster Trilogy. Now available! Paperback will be available next week.

Shattered Guardians


Your past is more dangerous than your future…

The world has turned against the mysterious, stone-possessing spirits known as Whispers. While the Four Winds Institute tries to find a way to protect its students who are all Whisper handlers, Tori and Cae must uncover a devastating new enemy. An enemy who can not only control Wraiths, but utilize the dark energy of the Silence to create living nightmares that do not vanish on waking.

Death will catch you, for the Apocalypse is here.

Whispering Stone

Whispering Stone

Tori just got a gargoyle for her birthday, only she doesn’t know it yet.

No one knows when the Whispers arrived. They are invisible spirits with the power to move stone, and no one knows why they are here. They can be the stone angel in your yard or the supporting pillar of your home. Shattered pieces of their statues have revealed nothing, for their souls simply move to another hiding place.

Hers whispers a terrible warning. Time is running out.

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The Dragon Aster Trilogy

When an Awl takes Sybl to the realm of Aster, she will discover a place where fantasy is the reality. A world of dragons and creatures only dreams and nightmares could conjure.

Until now.

A dragon’s faith in a Prophecy that a Fay would return to restore the balance of life and death leads Cirrus to Sybl. They will be pitted against a demon’s vengeful pull towards a war against Earth. A war held at bay by a hope for peace that was nearly extinguished three hundred years ago.

The Threads of Fate will unfurl to their shattering point, and be held together by the wings of limitless love as the Dragon Aster Trilogy comes together, unabridged and complete with a glossary and map.





The major differences from the separate books (#1-3) that you will find in here are:

– A map of the Torian and Suzerain Continents

– A full glossary

– All three books in one

– And a new cover!

I am still gathering names together to ship review copies out to as well, so if you are a reviewer, book blogger, librarian, book store employee and such I would be happy to send you a paperback or digital copy in format of your choice. Just email me on Goodreads or at infinitydreamt@gmail.com

Please enjoy!

Dragon Aster Trilogy: Book III

The Threads of Fate are nearing their shattering point. The Aeger continues to spread across all three continents and consume all it touches with despair, and death.

The two Aurs grow dimmer as Aragmoth closes his eyes, paralyzing much of Aster in snow and ice. Sybl, Cirrus, and Kas must scramble to take out an army of Eminor under Damek’s control, pitting dreams and nightmares against the demon’s pull towards war. A war held at bay by the light Sybl holds within her.

Time is running out, and the calamity of ruin that only dragons can bring is here.

Dragon Aster: Book II

dragon aster book 2

It is three hundred years after the Last War, where the chimera and the Feharin armies battled for supremacy over the Torian Continent. The gods, by right of their own immortal memories, have been reborn onto the world of Aster. They wake not to a world of peace, but to one with a new war on the horizon.

When the Phoenix and Moon collided within the Sylvan Aur, few escaped the explosion and rain of fire that destroyed the magnificent Sylvan City and its light in a single night. Now Aster is once again threatened to be destroyed by fire, with much of the world already succumbed to the cold, maddening sickness of the Aeger.

Aster’s dragons will rise to face a war they could not see the first time. For now, they have the one they have been waiting for to guide them.

As do their enemies.