No paint to watch dry…

But by cheese can it take forever to squash a couple dozen layers in a huge image file.  I thought I would pin up what stands as the final cover for the print version of Dragon Aster: Book I.  If I stay on track and don’t get energy-zapped from anymore birthday parties powered by sugar, more sugar, and sugar after-effects in kids, I hope to have it available by the end of August.  I might make some last minute touch-ups, but I really have to lock the perfectionist bunny into an iron box…

I’m still upset about having to clip her ‘spiritual’ wing, and my kids already have a riot complete with a picket line set up behind my desk because of it, but I couldn’t make it fit.  And I really, really tried.  Le sigh…

*drops perfectionist bunny into deep Alaskan waters*

2 thoughts on “No paint to watch dry…

  1. It looks great. Man, you're like a steam train with your book, no stopping you. Having trouble keeping up. My cover is still in the draft phase :)If I might give suggestion,(in the most polite and positive form) for the spiritual wings, have you considered hinting at them in a very light transparent way behind the text on the back of you book. The bottom left corner has some space to use. but again only a suggestion as I think your cover looks great as is. *drops perfectionist bunny into deep Alaskan waters* LOLTimothy Nies


  2. My kids are still mad at me for the wing… I'm gonna need to hide with the bunny in the box–in Alaska–ASAP at this rate.I was playing around with the wing and tried the corner, but I don't know, I just couldn't get it to work. Everything just felt too squishy with it. Maybe for the theme of the third book/cover I'll give it a priority of the sorts.


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